About Me

Daily drabbles of a girl whose main goal is to marry Eddie Cahill. if it doesn’t work out between the two of us, there is still Nick Jonas to fall back on. a broke college graduate who eats noodles for dinner. she who likes to paint in green. a closet feminist. screams Girl Power!


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. mga tropapits may babaeng sinners na nagtatago sa dubai si Jacque Bermejo este Jackie nagpapalitpalit na ng name e pano ba naman di ata tao eh tae ba sya kung pamilya nya o sya kaya malunod sa baha at mabaon sa putik pinay ka pa naman maybe not go to hell ladysinners

  2. staments from dubai police, consulate general in LA, her company, ABS-CBN interview, Ted Failon’s supporting the innocence of miss bermejo are all over the internet. you might as well update you blog to be fair and not be biased against the issue or better yet, delete it coz it only advocates false hatred.

    • i understand your concern whoever you are. thank you. now my question to you now is, DID you atleast searched MY BLOG for any of MY updates regarding the issue coz if you had, you wouldve have found that even days before JAcque released her OFFICIAL statement, i already posted an apology as to IF she really did not made those comments. more so, a few hours after ABSCBN released her statement, i also posted it as an entry ON my BLOG and even made a link at the comment section of the entry regarding jacque’s alleged “facebook entry”. and for your inFormation, I already closed my comments box and even stopped approving the hundreds more comments even before i myself found jacques offical statement.

      contrary to popular belief, my life doesn’t revolve on making blogs alone. i have a life of my own too. and i think i was responsible enough, to atleast posted a share of jacque’s official statement even in my quite busy life. now it is up to the reader’s to find and read it. if they didn’t then, it’s not my problem anymore.

      we all wronged, i admit that and jumped to conclusions. sorry. it’s kinda like what you DID here, right?

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