Music Wednesday: Bridgit Mendler’s Ready or Not

Bridgit Mendler’s Ready or Not

Hello , my name is (Bridgit)
Nice to meet you
I think you’re famous
Where have i seen you ?
You’ll be my William ,i’ll be your Kate living like a fairytale

We could have a palace
right next to Oprah
37 Cars and a yacht
down in boca
Take me away , wherever you say , yeah we could be setting sail

ok. i have to admit i didn’t pay attention to Bridgit Mendler all these years because she was packaged and marketed by Disney as the next Miley Cyrus after the end of Hannah Montana and i thought she’s just another Selena or Miley with mediocre  talent in singing and acting.

I first saw Bridgit in JONAS, and i’d be honest i didn’t find her charming enough to be a lead Disney girl. But then it wasn’t really her first acting stint after all; she has been in several shows and movies prior to that. Still i wasn’t sold.

I found Ready or Not on PopDust’s Year End List , making at top 9 , and i was like, really? within the ranks of .FUN and Frank Ocean? (but then again it has One Direction, so….)  . i got curious and remembered just a few days ago, Bridgit Mendler trended on twitter, apparently she’ll be performing on X-Factor, so i clicked the video, and the first thing i noticed was her voice. I never imagined that voice coming from her. It is husky,slightly carribean, reggae-ish and not very pop-ish. very different from the usual Disney voice. It wasn’t the best performance in the world, so i clicked another video and that was when i began to appreciate the song. then finding out she actually co-wrote it. Damn Girl is talented!

i’m gonna be looking out for this girl more!:)