My 26th birthday is today! December 11th



It’s my 26th birthday today! I am getting old haha.

Don’t freak out but i do this every year

And i literally forgot my birthday up until  was reminded of on Sunday haha!


Way to start my another year. Lmao. Burned by candle wax lmao


If only…

If only it can be undone, i would have committed it repeatedly already since i was 11

But then i know, it’s not, and i would regret it eventually.

If only life is a novel with a happy ending…

If only life ‘s problems could be resolved by laughter, but as much as we want to it won’t.

If only

If only

If only

[Movie Review] The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2

As much as people loathed the Twilight books, i actually like them. The movies are a different thing tho.

The first Twilight movie was nice in my opinion. New Moon was … tolerable. And Eclipse is one of the most abhorring movies i’ve seen. So when i saw the Breaking Dawn movies, it was just to get it over with and see the closure of the franchise.

Breaking Dawn Part Two started a few pages into the the Third Book (in Bella’s POV) right after she first opened her eyes as a new born vampire. i wouldnt go into much detail

Spoilers: The Battle at the Clearing , and DEATHS

There were a lot of deaths in this movie.

When Alice and Jasper reached the Clearing, they went straight to Aro, and Alice let Aro “see” her mind. But Aro didn’t listen and still proceeded with his plan of destroying the Cullens. He and his guards forced hold of Alice and Jasper, and Carlisle furiously attacked. He was killed by Aro. Being the head honcho of the Cullen Family, this started the war. the Volturi Heads, Marcus, Aro, and Caius, ordered their army to fight, thus resulting to Bloodshed.

Jasper was killed by a Volturi guard through the help of Jane. Bella tried to shield Jasper at first but she was stopped by Alec.

Emmett killed Alec.

Kate electrified everyone; Jane was walking calmly around the clearing.

Meanwhile, Renesmee and Jacob were fleeing the scene but is being chased by a Volturi guard. and then Seth was incapacitated by Jane and ultimately got killed by another Volturi

Benjamin used his power to make a Hell hole. vampires were thrown into the fiery pit.

Esme was attacked and they both fell into the hole but they managed to grab hold onto the edges. Leah saw them, shook her attackers and tried to help Esme, but resulting into her and the Volturi vampire to fell into the hole. Leah saved Esme.

Edward killed Demetri while Alice went on to chase Jane who was trying to get away from her. Alice caught up with Jane, and brought her to Sam. Sam killed Jane.

Finally the Volturi heads joined the fight, Marcus after saying “finally” was attacked and killed by the Romanians, Vladimir and Stefan. He didn’t even defended himself. While Caius fought Garrett, Kate and Tanya. Kate electrified Caius and Tanya painstakenly tore Caius’ face in half. It was Awesome. lmao.

Bella and Edward both fought Aro. Bella grabbed hold of Aro’s head while Edward kicked his body thus disentangling the head from his body. The last thing Aro sees was Bella setting him on fire.

Thus this end. LOL.

Apparently, the Battle is just the vision of  future Alice showed Aro. It is what will happen if Aro will not listen to her. After that Nahuel and his aunt showed up at the clearing.

There were a lot of discrepancies between the books and the movie.

  1. Bella and Edward stayed at the Cullen House, but in the movie, they, together with Jacob and Renesmee, went to the Denali’s in Alaska.
  2. Not all of the Cullen witnesses agreed to fight with them, but they did in the movie.
  3. It wasn’t clear in books that Sue and Charlie agreed to date but they clearly were in the movie.
  4. The Volturi ARMY were… A LOT. lmao
  5. There’s probably more that i couldn’t remember anymore. lol

To be honest, this movie saw the best of Kristen Stewart’s acting, more specifically that part when she was talking to Charlie the first time. Bella was supposed to be in pain being in close proximity to a human, and Kirsten did great in there…She looked like she’s really in pain. But then again, She acts like she’s ALWAYS IN PAIN, so she was definitely on point in that scene. very natural. lmao

Bella as a vampire still acts like Bella. There’s no regalness and finesse in her that should’ve been present once she became a vampire.She’s still Bella the human, except less twitchy. This became apparent when she was talking to J. Jenks. She didn’t exude that dazzling beauty that should’ve blinded everyone she walks by.

When i saw the trailer had a “fight” scene, i didn’t think how they could do it. it didn’t occur to me that it might be a vision Alice saw coz in the book, Alice went straight to Edwards side and she didn’t went to Aro. It was an unexpected moment for me. and i liked it.

There are 3 standout actors in this film, Lee Pace as Garrett, Michael Sheen as Aro, and Dakota Fanning as Jane. Lee Pace’s take on Garett is very different to what had imagined. i adored his rough edges, although while Kate and Garrett seemed to fit well in the books, seeing them visually took away that chemistry. Michael sheen as Aro is weirdly fantastic! His “laughable shriek of delight” was unbecoming and yet it works. Dakota Fanning, who didn’t have much lines in the movie did so much more than the actors who had a lot to say. her commanding presence as a powerful vampire with her vile stares, is enough to warrant this actress a round of applause.

The visual execution of the Vampire gifts are laughably deranged to say the least. They made the vampire look like magicians. it was absurd to see Benjamin making flames in his hands, or Alec producing that Black smoke out of his hands, which mind you should have been a mist. Kate’s was tolerable but it would’ve been better to be a bit more subtle. They are vampires, NOT MAGICIANS. Seeing them made the sparkling vampires more plausible in their world, and i’m trying to erase that thought in my mind.

for the heck of it i’ll give this movie 3 out of 5. i liked the battle scene. it was something i did not expect. it was good to see who “died” which i didn’t get in the movie. Dana Barbut0 said, “It’s telling that the cleverest part of the film is something that wasn’t even in Stephenie Meyer’s books. Just sayin’.”.. and i agree.

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