Music Wednesday : MKS – Mutya/Keisha/Siobhan BOYS acoustic


currently foaming in my mouth, dying, obsessing, and having all feels for this short 1:41 acoustic version of Mutya/Keisha/Siobhan or MKS ‘ new song ‘BOYS’.

a teaser for the anticipated new album of the original line up of English girl band, the Sugababes, the girls did not disappoint as we see a glimpse of what could’ve been what Sugababes’ 2nd album would sound like had Siobhan didn’t left the group in 2001 following the success of their well received debut album One Touch which features the critically acclaimed 1st single Overload.

Uploaded on the eve of 7th January, Manila time, on member Keisha’s YouTube channel, features, a stripped down, acoustic with perfect harmony; saves my ears from another “boy nudging song” released earlier this week.


We’re over, so over, thought you could diss me then come kiss me, I told yah
Never love anyone that’ll make you feel ordinary, oh baby
I’m observing that I’m not the only one that’s getting hurt in love,
there’s other ladies
Boy stop, step away
Ain’t got no time for mr messy heartbreak
So stop, not today
Think you can break me but just watch me get away
Downtown he took a dinner on my credit card receipt the other week, why baby?
Call it women’s intuition or maybe telepathy, either way I’m not crazy
We’re over, so over, thought you could diss me then come kiss me, I told yah
We’re over, so over, I’m little missy sitting pretty tonight
cr. jbouma93@YT


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