[BOOKS] “once upon a time, i couldn’t stand reading….”

“once upon a time, i couldn’t stand reading books….”

were the first lines in my head while i was booting up my computer, gathering words for this particular post… but you know what, that would be a lie.. sorta.. could be… coz now i remember that i have always been a reader.. i just failed to realize it until a few years back.

growing up, we didn’t own a lot of books… not even fairy tales.. to be honest i can remember only 2: a distant memory of “snow white and the 7 dwarfs” and a collection of kid fairy/gnome/kid tales that is in big, blue hard cover. i couldn’t even remember its title, although a few years back, i tried to find a copy of it off on ebay and google using the keywords i tried so hard to remember. i’m sure once ive seen the cover, or any of it’s pages, i’ll remember it as the same book we had.

Where’s our copy then?

My younger brother and i have a 12 yr age gap. when he started reading, i asked mom where she kept our measly story books. she said that papa already took them to the junkshop years before. i asked why? she said that they were already battered and unusable.. i dont remember it being battered.

the funny thing is remembering that before the kid’s story books, that one time, when i was playing at our old bedroom when i heared my mom laughing alone. eventually then i realized she has taken a liking to reading those 100 pages short tagalog romance pocket books… and yeah. before the age of 9, i’ve been exposed to some some steamy reads already, courtesy of my mom., and she has a lot! when Papa’s collection consists of John Grisham and Danielle Steele, my mom’s are that of steamy, sexual,
romance, damsel-in-distress, badly written tagalog pocketbooks.

fast forward to sophomore college…

living in boredom at a 4 bunkbed dormitory room, i plucked out my roommate’s HARRY POTTER and the chamber of secret’s book out of her bed and started reading it. YUP. at age 18, in 2004, i have not read a harry potter book. Read it and LOVED it. the next day at school, i asked my friend CHRIS who is a POTTERhead, if she’ll lend me books! and she did! suffice to say, i finished reading books 3-5 in 5 days. it was an accomplishment.

since then, when i have free time, i would spend it inside the school library, reading random books available. eventually i even got around to reading fanfictions of the net. again, courtesy of Chris, the first ones being were of the HP universe on schnoogle. 🙂

i can’t seem to stop, not that i should tho. there were gaps in between, sure, but i really can’t stay far away. According to GOODREADS, ive read 30+ books since april. NOT BAD i must say. 🙂

“Reading is the sole means by which we slip, involuntarily, often helplessly, into another’s skin, another’s voice, another’s soul.” — Joyce Carol Oa


2 thoughts on “[BOOKS] “once upon a time, i couldn’t stand reading….”

  1. for me, the best way to kill time is read books rather than spending too much time watching tv. just imagine the places you can go to and emotions you can feel when reading a book 🙂 the possibilities are limitless! by the start of 2013, I should activate my goodreads account, just need to finish my paper books now.

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