[Concerts] No Gimmicks, Just Pure Music – Jonas Brothers Live in Manila Concert

I’m writing this, 7:10 pm sitting at seat no. 8 sec 520a general admission section of the MoA Arena! Damn now is cold. I should’ve brought a jacket damnit. In my opinion it’s best to get seats at the 3rd row coz those pesky glass and steel barricade is quite an obstruction.

I’ve been a fan of the Jonas Brothers for as long as i can remember. And while i wasn’t as focused on them as i did back then, i was definitely looking forward to them coming back as a band. On October 19th, finally, after years of waiting, the Jonas Brothers has landed in the Philippines for a concert at the Mall of Asia Arena, and i am beyond overwhelmed.

October 19th. I was really planning on buying tickets on the day itself but coupon sites have put up discounts to the tickets so for a few nights i couldn’t sleep out of fear that all the tickets would sell out. Lol. And i was planning on going to the venue late anyway. So I met up a girl selling her general admission tickets for 600 pesos (originally at 530) i was so ready to haggle most especially since i found out hers was a complimentary ticket won at anna de tagle’s meet and greet… but then she told me that she reserved svip tickets to dream kpop fantasy concert and that she’s selling everything she can at the highest price she could, i just said wth, she’s a kpop fan and i totally understand what she’s doing. I would do the same if i was in her position. So i got to the venue at around a few minutes till 6pm, which is when the gates will open and there was already a long line, stretching to the side of moa arena facing smx convention center. After a few minutes, the girls in line suddenly screeched and scrambled, i wasn’t sure what happened but they did… anyway, we were let inside and the bag inspection wasn’t as tight as i was expecting but it was definitely tighter than mall security. And a lot of people definitely got their dslr’s in.

General admission section was on the 5th floor and we still had to fall in line at the stairs up for a few minutes. When we were finally let in, sat for hours waiting for the concert to start, bought expensive hotdog sandwich and iced tea. And just took picture. Hehe.

There was this band who played as opening before anna maria, but i didn’t catch their name. They were ok, mostly cover songs…

when they finished, the lights opened up again, a few minutes again then anna maria performed. Her tagalog was awesome and she barely has an accent. She’s an amazing singer. She did Katy Perry’s the One that got away, opm classic medley of please be careful with my heart by jose mari chan, torete by moonstar88, and hinahanap-hanap kita by rivermaya. I honestly thought the kiddies wouldn’t know these old songs but a lot of them sang along to the songs. The she performed 2 originals, mightve been her own compositions, i wasnt sure, but the 1st one was Insomnia? It was a nice club/dance song. The 2nd one was it was ok but it got draggy at the middle part so i didn’t enjoyed it that much, but she was an awesome singer no doubt. She reminded me of Lea Salonga with her clarity to enunciate her words. her stint in broadway for Godspell a few months back did her good. Hope she’ll continue and be successful in broadway coz the current trend in the pop music scene today, isn’t fitting her that much.

And the finally the concert started. They hyped us all with “we will rock you” and they definitely rocked my world, i cried and i wasn’t ashamed to admit it. It was a dream come true. I was so overwhelmed. They were amazing. And just like what they said, this concert will be purely music, no gimmicks, just music and i was so glad they did. We got to focus on their amazing comeback. It was a stunning sight to see. My favorite song of the jonas brothers is “Turn Right” from Lines, Vines, and Trying Times album. And i know that if i hear them sing it i will lose it. But what they did was different. They used this song to “give spotlight” to the members lf their band and it was amazing. Would i payed more to hear the original version? hell yeah! But the number was so emotional and it have me pride as a fan to see that the Jonas Brothers is more than just a family band of 3 brothers, but a family of 10 on stage and more. They’ve been trough together for soo long and their loyalty for one another is something that is hard to see nowadays. They were truly a family. And omg. kevin. Omg. Jonatics turned MOA Arena into a karaoke by singing to every freaking song. I think even with the new songs. Lol.

We didn’t get to fill up the arena. But the fans more than made up for it. My favorites moments were definitely jamming out to That’s just the way we roll, Love bug, SoS and Burnin’ Up. It was stunning! My mind is still jumbled from the experience and my feet hurts. I didn’t wear a red dress but i was in high heels and it nearly killed me. It hurts. Must recover for bigbang’s concert on the 24th. Nope not wearing high heels them lol


  • It was impossibly cold inside the Moa Arena. I was shivering.
  • It definitely wasn’t jampacked like that philconcerts is claiming. I was at the general admission section, i could see everything. Turn out tho was better than i have expected considering this concert was hastily announced. Sold tickets in 1 month, barely any promotions and Moa Arena is HUGE!
  • I went to the restroom halfway to the concert. When i came back i sat at the other side of the venue. Lol I practically was the only “fan” in my section; most of them are parents looking out for their kids somewhere in the crowd. Lol I was screaming and waving my arms up like a lunatic.
  • Food was expensive! Ordered hotdog sandwich and ice tea for 110. O.O Binoculars are 120 pesos each; twice the price of those sold in Araneta.
  • Rainbow foamed lightsticks are being sold for 100 pesos.
  • I reckon the best seats for Lb, UB and GA are 3rd row and up. The first row is being obstructed by the glass and metal railings…
  • I think my seat will do just fine for Bigbang’s concert Moa Arena needs better audio for the GA section. Talk was barely recognize able.
  • Why are the kids in the GA section looked dead. Like seriously, mostly barely clapped and moved. I am 26, and i was dancing on my seat.

my concert videos are here: https://imaginarysuperstarintraining.wordpress.com/2012/11/14/concerts-jonas-brothers-live-in-manila/

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