D-9 to BIG BANG Alive World Tour Live in Manila!


i had a little bit of a scare yesterday.

I was spending quite a lot of time in the Bigbang ph fb group, to keep updated and to answer some VIP questions. One person asked what kind of battery should she buy coz the LS that she bought didn’t came with them. So i answered that the LS should have came in with the batteries already, but then i still tried to help her. Since the box is second to none helpful, not because it was written in hangul (i can read hangul) but the box really didn’t come with info, I took out my crown LS and took a look at the type of batteries that should be used for the the LS. I even took out several to check how many.

so, i answered her, But when i tried to put the batts back, it just wouldn’t light after… after several minutes of trying to turn it over and around, had i made a mistake of putting them properly, i noticed that the batteries have gotten hot. Not warm, but really hot. I let them all fall into my bed, waited a few minutes and after that i found out that 2 batteries somewhat had a burn in them. Imagine if a battery could short circuit, then that’s what happened. I got so lost and … sad… ive had the lightstick since BiGshow 2011. It even came straight from the concert venue, and now, 10 days before the concert where i can finally used it, it happens to break down? I was so close to crying seriously. Coz buying another one wouldnt be an option since every store that carries the Ls on hand are all now sold out as a lot of PH Vips are scrambling to get hold of them in time for the concert… But then i tried, and tried, wishing that this is just a battery problem and the lightstick itself is ok…

Finally after much tinkering, i saw that the LS is fine and lighting. the catch is that, whenever i try to close the battery compartment tightly, it wouldn’t light. But if it’s a bit loose, then it works. It was fine by me, but then it dawned on me that it could be a real problem coz i wouldn’t be able to spazz with my lightstick on for the fear that it might suddenly fall apart and the battery to fly everywhere during the middle of the concert.. I immediately told Chris about it and she told me to just tape it securely so it wouldn’t fall apart. So i guess that could work. *shrugs* i was just happy that i still have my crown LS to use.

And then just now, i took the LS out again, and it wouldnt light at all.! I got close to crying again, but this time, i didn’t give up. I wiped all the batteries clean and slowly put the batteries one by one, pushing it with a cotton bud to secure them in place, and ALAS! It now works properly! Yes! Even with the battery compartment tightly closed! Whew! thank you! Hahah!


3 thoughts on “D-9 to BIG BANG Alive World Tour Live in Manila!

  1. I have the same problem…the batteries have gotten hot and also I don’t know to put the them, tomorrow I’ll buy new ones…but can you explain me please… the concert… is tomorrow. & I just bought it today… =(

    • You from peru?? Wow enjoy the concert.

      As far as i remember, all the batteries face the same way, with the + side facing the inner part of the LS the most. The flat sides should be facing the outside. I can’t explain it properly. I’ll try to post here a pic later.

      Thanks and good luck 🙂

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