[Games] DOOUB’s SHAKE: 2ne1

(August 17, 2012)

Yesterday dooub, inc released 2ne1’s shake. It’s a game kinda like dance evolution for your fingers specially made for mobile devices. It’s the first time the game has been available for android users so i grabbed the chance and downloaded the free version that comes with 1minute short versions of bom’s don’t cry and Can’t nobody. You will need to buy the songs for about 1.99 a piece for the full song.

What’s great about the app, compared to other dance games is that this actually comes in beat with the actual music. I gotta say i love it and yes i am great in playing that 1 minute short version of can’t nobody. However, this game doesn’t work well with my device which is motorola XOOM in honeycomb, it keep crashing and force closing, i couldn’t even finish even the short version which is a shame. As much as i’m dying and willing to buy the whole songs, i don’t think it will be worth my time and money when even the free songs keep crashing. The developers i know have made this available with the smaller devices such as cellphones in mind but it wouldn’t hurt to consider tablet users when in fact i believe tablet users such as me, would enjoy it better as we have just the big enough screen to play the app.

it keeps on force closing

I’m looking forward to further developments (and more free songs!) Until then i guess i will have to keep finger dancing to a crashing application.

other artist available




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