[Beauty] Barenaturals

I recently had a refund from a purchase i made from an online cd shop and unfortunately, she didn’t have time to go to the bank to refund it, so i just opted for her to send it to my gcash account. Anyway, i used the refund to do my 2nd purchase at Barenaturals.

Barenaturals is a Philippine cosmetics brand selling organic, natural products raging from ecocert oils, skincare and mineral makeup products.

Yeah, i know, i know. I don’t care too much about beauty and stuff and i’d rather buy food than makeups or expensive soaps but then i was becoming bit desperate because of my leg scars and pimple breakouts, so i did my first purchase 1st week of august.

To be honest, my only reason for buying is that i wanna try their scar eraser. It is the least expensive product ive found, and my second attempt at leg scar removal next to contractubex. But then, why would i just buy 1 stick that costs 148 pesos and shipping fee? So i ended up buying other products as well..

My purchases:

1st time

1 scar eraser

1 vitamin stix in butterfly kisses variant

1 natural pink lip and nipple lightener

1 18-in-1 herbal wonder soap

The first thing that i noticed upon opening the package is the smell. oMG. The smell of natural soap is heavenly. Plus it was wrapped very very neatly.

2nd was i received 3 sample products!

 Emu Oil Skin Perfecting Soap

 Micropeel Blue Beauty Bar

2nd time

3 scar eraser

Freebie samples:

Glow Moor Nutrient beauty bar & Orange Peel and Lemon Skin Perfecting Soap

Overall, the experience of buying from them was awesomely pleasant. I submitted an order form, got a return email few minutes later, and they were vry accomodating in answering questions and even modifying the purchases. received a thak you text afterwards and a text update w/ the shipping details the next day.

Shipping thru jamglobal via lbc was rather cheap too! And i got the product the very next day they shipped them out. Thanks kewsi. She assisted me on both transactions

I give Barenaturals a 4.8/5.0 for service 🙂 

But like i said, i did my 2nd purchase so that must mean something in terms of product satisfaction right? But that will be on a different post. 🙂 stay tuned! and check Barenaturals! i’m sure you’ll find something that suits you! 🙂


credits: BN facebook page for the caps / personal pics

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