[SHOPPING] Through Multiply & House of Flair

Finally I had managed to make a Successful Purchase using Multiply Payment Sytem! For those who are unfamiliar (seriously, where have you been?) , Multiply, from starting as a social network/blog/photogallery site, saw potential in online shopping, thus they came up with Multiply Marketplace, where some Online Shops taking Home on Multiply can have the option of adding a shopping cart and check-out sytem for a more convenient and orderly transactions. That’s the closest an ONLINE store can have to a WEBSHOP without owning a domain. 
Successful because the first time a tried making purchase, something went wrong and i was deducted the payment w/o the seller receiving it… anyways…
so for my FIRST SUCCESSFUL shopping, i purchased these lovely pair of H&M flipflops on HOUSE of FLAIR clearance sale! 🙂
i also got a sweet note and a thank you gift 🙂
forgive my dirty hands. i was in the middle of putting up a new wallpaper when the package arrived
and Using the Multiply checkout, i got free Shipping too! that’s like getting it all together for free!
HOUSE of FLAIR …. in a nutshell is basically one of those shops that allows Filipinos an option to shop from US online stores! this is ESPECIALLY convenient for us who do not have credit cards and US addresses. 
YES! through House of Flair, we can purchase goods from our favorite US online stores! YES! we are talking about Chinese Laundry, Charlotte Russe, Macy’s, Wet Seal, Juicy Couture, Go Jane! *___*
they can’t take orders for food and electronics tho.. 😦
they also sometimes carry some on-hand stuff like tops, make-ups, accessories and SHOES! 
and the customer service?! OMG! they are the nicest people to talk to. 🙂
the only issue tho, is that they ship thru FAST TRACK BUT fast track’s tracker is not working. but who am i to complain? It’s FREE SHIPPING! LMAO. 

update: 🙂


and it’s not exactly bad as well. Placed my order and payed JULY 24th ; Shipped JULY 25th with an expected date of arrival on the 28th. Recieved my Item on JULY 27th 🙂
Anyways, i’m looking forward to my next House of Flair shopping! 🙂 [mind you, i need to get a new job first tho. 😦 ]
take a smell and go see what HOUSE of FLAIR can offer you! i am sure you’ll find something!


House of Flair

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