[FOOD] Bagasbas LightHouse Hotel Resort’s Catherine’s Restaurant

I don’t REALLy do food blogs or reviews, partly because I am usually a “fast food” kind of person. I didn’t even intend to start anytime soon, but this experience is so blog worthy, I can’t even figure out what best way to present my experience.

On our way home from an awesome weekend in Calaguas Island, we figured we might as well try the local food. Since it was in our schedule to make a side trip to BAGASBAS Surfing beach, our tour guide decided to try one of the restaurants in the area. We ended up at  Bagasbas LightHouse Resort in which you will find CATHERINE’s Restaurant.  It also has a pool, a playground, and quite a vast outdoor.

Since I am personally not very adventurous in my food choices, I decided to just order Chicken barbecue with Java Rice and papaya relish and Pepsi.

We were 12 people all in all + 2, Kuya Yunan and our driver. All of us ordered the Java Rice meal + desserts except for Levy and Jayzenn who ordered Pusit and Bicol Express.
It took us a while to notice that our FOOD was taking so long to serve. We were already very hungry from the strenuous boat ride to shore and it was already around 1PM at the time. Our water and drinks, and the smoothies were already either finished, or not cold anymore.

Smoothies were finished, but the food hasn’t arrived, yet

After about 30 minutes of waiting Levy decided to ask this person whom we think is the manager (because he was wearing a tie) as to how long till we have to wait for the food. He responded to Levy that her order is the fastest to cook (yes, we raised an eyebrow at that) but they wanted to serve all the food all at once. So OK, we can understand that. At this point, as much as we were all hungry, we still were pretty nice about the delay.

It was close to being an hour that we started to get really fussy about it. Imagine we had to wait an hour for our food to arrive, and we just ordered basically barbecued and grilled meat. We were not even approached by anyone to apologize for the delay, or even serve us yet another round of cold water.

bugnot na si Jambi at Felix

And then finally the food started to come batch by batch, and even that we noticed that the foods aren’t even warm anymore.
And then this happened: I WASN’T served my food. Everyone already got their food, so I waited a few more minutes. A waiter then approached and ASKED ME WHAT MY ORDER WAS. I was floored. Do I really have to wait even more? My friends are finishing their food already. In fact FELIX and JAMBI already finished theirs, and I still haven’t a trace of food on my table. What really got me was, I still haven’t been served MY FOOD, and yet they are already cleaning up after JAMBI and FELIX’s plates. AMAZING. It was then, Bhammy took pity on me that she asked the manager (whom was cleaning the plates) to follow up my order. He just looked up and said OK. No apology whatsoever.

when FINALLY my food arrive, which I will remind you, CHICKEN BARBECUE.; as I took out the spoon and fork, I noticed that there was a trace of dried rice still stuck on the spoon. I’m not very picky about things like that and have I told you I’m already very hungry, so I think I was a bit out of it that I tried taking out the dried rice by my nails. <lol> but it wouldn’t budge. <lol> so I told the manager if he can please change the spoon. When it came back, I noticed, and I am 90% sure of it, that it was still the same spoon.! It still has the scruff marks my nails made. They didn’t even have the decency to get me A NEW ONE. TT^TT

taken while waiting for the “new spoon” to arrive. you’ll also notice that the water and pepsi aren’t cold anymore.

So finally now, I can have a taste of the food that took AN HOUR to make, I was expecting an amazing taste. but no. Mang Inasal tastes even better than Catherine’s chicken barbecue. (and I could even have unlimited rice with Mang Inasal) .

I also tried their Bicol Express. This I would admit taste good (but then this is also my first time to try the food) so… You know what they say about food to be amazing? If it gives you that tingly feeling? (I had that when I first tried my SBARRO white pizza + baked ziti in white sauce, YUM!) The Bicol express didn’t give me that. but then it could also be caused by my annoyance at their “brilliant service”)

Oh have I told you that the place is ALSO infested by flies??? THAIRON had to ask for candles to be placed on our table. At one time, a fly even entered BHAM’s half finished melon smoothie…

So I went to the bathroom after eating, (thank god) their restrooms are newly renovated and was actually pretty cozy (my interior design instinct kicking in at this point) and my friends and I were discussing what happened. I mean they could’ve given us a head’s up if the food would normally take THAT long to be served or something. . . we were all really disappointed.

When I came back, my bill was tucked under my finished plate, so I paid and it was funny coz JAMBI upon seeing LEVY’s change of P20 told me to pick up the P20 coz the waiters might think we’re giving them tips. LOL. They don’t deserve a single tip.

good thing i only paid this much

And then a small commotion happened. MAFEL was charged for 2 PANDANs, when she only ordered one. Then the waiter insisted that all in all, we were served 5 pandans, which was true, but then if he charges mafel 2 pandan’s then that would total to 6, so were explaining it to them. The Cashier came out of the booth and even told mafel that they couldn’t change the invoice anymore since it was already punched or something. Bham apparently still hasn’t received her invoice so we just told them to take out the PANDAN in Bham’s invoice so that MAfel can pay for the 2 and Bhammy would just give her payment to mafel. And still they didn’t get it. They still wanted to include the pandan in Bham’s invoice because she ordered it. When they finally understood our point, we went out of the restaurant.

the commotion
napatayo nako. Galit na din si Bham.

As we were going back to our Van, we were still discussing our annoyance. Even Kuya Yunan expressed his, because apparently he ordered a chocolate shake or something, and then he went to the bathroom, when he came back to his table, his table has been cleared and his chocolate shake wasn’t even half finished!
MHADZ overheard the waiter mumbling “ito na nga ba ang sinasabi ko eh” after the billing commotion. The thing is we asked to be billed separately, and they wanted to give us just one invoice for our food. Which is really annoying coz, they would still even do individual billing, we just happened to be dining in together; they would still do individual billing if we happened to be strangers, just dining at the same time.
This is one of the most frustrating dining experiences I’ve ever had. THEIR food wasn’t even great… =.=


Placed order at 1:07pm
smoothie arrived 10 mins later


my food arrived an hour later
check the receipt: time stamped 2:23 pm

SETTING/INTERIORS: 3/5 (i am an interior designer by profession fyi :P)


PRICE: 4/5
FOOD: 2.5/5


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