[KPOP] 2011 YGFAMILY Live Concert Album and Photobook

after buying [and spending  P4500 ($100)] on 2ne1’s COLLECTION and SCREAM japan albums in MArch, i swore the next time i’m going to buy another KPOP item is on JUNE. but alas!, YGE who just happens to enjoy seeing me broke, released the 2011 YGFAMILY concert live album, and the catch? a breathtaking 200pages photobook. took me a while, (say 1 week before the release) to finally decide on ordering my copy. so here i was spending another P1400 ($35)  for a copy. i am poor. TT^TT

i bought my copy from FANGIRLASIA and i had spent a grueling 2 weeks worth of waiting. grueling because i usually get my copy 3days to one week, but it’s ok tho… just was feeling a bit antsy waiting for the glorious to arrive.

went to the fangirlasia office in Makati to pick up my copy on Saturday, May 5th so here i am now, holding and looking my copy of the YGFAMILY concert album and photobook. I AM NOT WORTHY. order your copy here

i also got my copy of a discounted se7en digital bounce album that i’ve been meaning to get since it’s release. YAY! 

and an invite to ONGAKUGAYO 2012, an annual event hosted by fangirlasia.com

so i did an unboxing video yet again. LOLs. pls check it out.

2011 YG FAMILY live concert album + Photobook


and here are some photos from the photobook.



Yang Hyun Suk Sajangnim + PSY

*the following pic is in order of seniority to YG Entertainment*


DAESUNG and SE7EN “APA” (it hurts) rehearsal


i still stand by it: GUMMY has the BEST SET OF PICTURES from the bunch.


Kwon Jiyong
Dong Youngbae
Choi Seunghyun
Kang Daesung
Lee Sunghyun (Seungri doing the signature se7en stance)
GD and Dae โค

pretty Mingkki
OMG. NO SOLO PIC OF CL-ROO!!! i’m sorry! will add asap!


PSY with Seungri


Tablo: YG maknae
will do a blog/sorta review of the different KPOP stores soon. watch out for that
will do an unboxing of the DVD soon too! ๐Ÿ™‚

album slideshow:


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