[KPOP] my babies.

i am seriously obsessed of my cds. they’re like my babies and i take pride in looking at them. my work station at home actually faces my cabinet where my cds are at, and it kinda distracts me in a good way. lol.

my BIGBANG cds. i have a goal of collecting all their releases hopefully i can do it before the year ends..

my 2ne1 stuffs. i wish i could get a taiwan version too. 😦

individual pictures under the jump:

BIGBANG crown lightstick version 3 [2011]
BIGBANG special edition [2011]
BIGBANG 4th mini album ALIVE [2012]
G-DRAGON 1st album HEARTBREAKER [2009]
G-DRAGON 1st concert DVD SHINE-A-LIGHT [2010]
G-DRAGON live concert album SHINE-A-LIGHT [2010]
TAEYANG solar deluxe album [2010]
TAEYANG 1st mini album HOT [2008]
BIGBANG 4th mini album [2011]

BIGBANG 1st mini album ALWAYS [2007]
BIGBANG essentials compilation album [2009]
BIGBANG 1st japan album [2009]
GD&TOP 1st album HIGH HIGH [2010] [ph]
BIGBANG special edition album [2011] [ph]
BIGBANG photobook [BIGSHOW 2011]
2NE1 1st mini album [2009]
2NE1 1st full album TO ANYONE [2010]
2NE1 1st mini album asian edition [2010]
2NE1 2nd mini album [2011]
2NE1 1st japan mini album NOLZA [2011]
2NE1 1st japan single GO AWAY [2011]
2NE1 1st live concert album NOLZA [2011]
2NE1 1st concert DVD NOLZA [2011]
2NE1 2nd japan single SCREAM [2012]
2NE1 1st japan album COLLECTION [2012]
2NE1 blackjack korean lightstick version 1 [2010]
2NE1 korean lightstick version 2 [2011]
2NE1 japan lighstick [2011]
SE7EN 7 lightstick 2011version


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