[KPOP] BIGBANG IS BACK and YO! they slaughtered!

so another KPOP post 2 months too late. lol

my baby boys are back after 1 yr and BOY DID THEY MURDERED EVERYBODY. 2011 was a tough year for Bigbang. Daesung got involved in a car accident resulting to the death of a  man in MAY and G-Dragon was tested positive for a miniscule amount of marijuana. it was a time we all thought, that was the end for BIGBANG but lo and behold, they came back and they are rockin it!

first they released BLUE and my initial thought was… OK.

if i remember corectly, i was already cursing STRONG HEART for taking too much time, when all i wanted was for it to end so we can all finally see the premiere of the video SHOT ENTIRELY IN NEW YORK CITY! lol

in all honesty, i was underwhelmed. i don’t know. probably i set my expectation too high, idk. but after several repeats, it started to grow on me that i can’t even STOP repeating it. BIGBANG does a lot  of wonders to my feelings…

and then a week after BAD BOY was released and BOY how sexy this song is. LOL

i cannot even remember what my reaction was, but all i know is initially, i liked this song better than BLUE.

and who can forget this awesome tumblr post. xD

No wonder they can’t get a girl.
credits to the original owner:
and then finally, FANTASTIC BABY. i guess its safe to say that out of all the songs in the mini album, FANTASTIC baby is what nternational VIPS are rally looking forward to, from the momnt YGE released th tracklist, tho while we know that its going to be a dance song, we were all basically just wondering how epic this could be. after all A LOT of people connected to YGE have said that FANTASTIC BABY is an AWESOME dance track.: from Song Baek Young of 1tym, to the American staffs of the ALIVE TOUR, and even the BAND members; everyone said there won’t be  anyone who will not DANCE while listening to the song.

and cmon! with a title like that, who would even doubt the epicness it will bring. BOOM SHAKALAKA!!!

and damn. the song did lived to the expectation. mind you th first glimpse of fantastic baby live came at the Concert, and while a lot of us are expecting some kind of a shuffling thing, w were blown away by the epicness of the dance itself. IT WAS THAT awesome.

then a few days after they released the MV and damn. it was a spash of mindblowing visual fantasy…!!!

i did commented a lot tho that TAEYANG-baby needs to calm down a bit. he was too intense in the MV XD

lets not forget to mention the EPICNESS that is track no. 1 or the Intro , and AINT NO FUn and LOVE DUST. both songs are too epic to watch live! 

aint no fun [재미없어]

love dust [사랑먼지]

and how awesome the VIP chants at the start of LOVE DUST!! XD

and then last but not the least. WINGS by Daesung. my BABY blonde smiling angel daesung.

NO WORDS. just watch the epicness unfold.


i’ll post  a few pictures of the physical albums later on. XD

all video credits goes to BIGBANG and YGENTERTAINMENT @ Youtube

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