[MISC] just a thought from the understomach

i am a kpop fan, and don’t care if people don’t like the genre. but when i react, it is because it is BASHING and insensitive and disrespectful. but comments like i don’t like kpop, don’t bother me at all. i am the only one in my barkada who listens to KPOP. the first time i tried to shove it down their throat, i was laughily dismissed. but my friends never questioned me; they might’ve been and still confused as to why, but never did they asked. i sometimes wonder why they never did: is it because they know that i will never stop once i started.? or is it because they understand; or they simply don’t mind. sometimes i want them to ask so i can explain myself; not that i have to but for them to understand why because i know deep down inside they are confused; they just simply don’t want to ask, but i really want them to.

you see on my 24th birthday [2010] some of my friends threw me a small birthday celebration. they gave me a cake and all that and we hung out at our usual [starbeyks] . we chatted and it went to the topic of Taylor Swift. since i was a huge fan and Taylor was to have a concert in 2 months which what iw as saving up for at that time, we talked about it and i gushed how willing i am to even spend 3k for  concert ticket. one of my friends reacted and asked me why, then blatantly told me that it was a waste of money. eventually, the night that was supposed to be mine, ended up in a sour way, with me being quiet the whole time afetr that.  i was offended because  she did not understand that what wasn’t important to her COULD BE important for me. she knows i am a huge taylor swift fan and that seeing her would make me happy, and then her telling me that i am wasting money for something “not worth it” made me feel like “is my happiness not worth it?” that was my honest feeling back then.

i am very much in the world called “fandom”. i am in TAYLOR SWIFT’s fandom, in the YGFAMILY fandom, HARRYPOTTER fandom etc. it is something many people are not familiar with. i don’t expect that people around me to get into it, but i want them to have a little grasp of understanding so that next time, i won’t have to deal with insensitivity. . 



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