[MOVIE REVIEW] a little bit of heaven (2011)

  • Kate Hudson as Marley Corbett
  • Gael Garcia Bernal as Julian Goldstein
  • Kathy Bates as Beverly Corbett
  • Whoopi GoldBerg as “God”
  • Romany Malco as Peter Cooper  

after hearing how good this movie is from my friend joycelyn, i decided to watch it. i don’t like love stories and as much as i can stay away from it, but i am sucker for tear jerkers if that makes any sense.

so the story is about a cheerful young woman named Marley [Kate Hudson], who’s got a wonderful job that she’s so good at [in which she just got promoted to vice president, or something position], great social and sex life, and awesome friends, finds out that she’s got a Terminal stage Colon Cancer [ASS cancer as she likes to call it]. Having had her parents separated at a young age, doesn’t engage herself in serious relationship, Unexpectedly, [although not really] falls in love with her doctor named Julian Goldstein [Gael Garcia Bernal]. 

Being the woman that she is tried hard to cope up with her illness by continuously living her life the way she usually did; with laughter. She also had some less than earthly encounters with God[played by Whoopi Goldberg] during a rectal procedure during her checkup, in which “God” told her she was dying so she is giving her 3 wishes: to be able to fly [on which she got by winning a day of hang gliding in a radio contest]; get a million dollars [health insurance from her job; taxable 1 million to 500K] and she don’t know. Eventually, she died.

The Story is NOT OSCAR MATERIAL, if you are looking for a something like that, this movie isn’t it.. this movie isn’t for the critics’ judging. this is one of those movies that you watch for the heck of it. this isn’t marvelously written nor the acting and i guess, how they dealt with cancer and dying, realistic, but people should see the movie for it’s thought. the thought that it puts you into thinking how different people deals with the fact that they are dying; how it affects and will affect the people around; and how the dying is around to them.

the goal is to make you cry, and they did. personally, i didn’t cry because she was dying.. i cried because of the certain situations that gives you a punch in the heart.

and since i am a sucker for tearjerkers, [granted i have little tolerance to crying… i even remember crying when an ewok died in a movie i could remember the title]…i’ll list the scenes that made me bawled my eyes out.

1. Kathy Bates’ and Kate Hudson scene inside the car. [mother and daughter]

“remember when i was little i masturabate a lot and you told me never to touch my jinglebells again? My whole life that was the only time i thought you were a bad mom. And yet i was a shit” 

“You’re a daughter, that’s your job”

2. Marley and Peter scene in the garden [friendship]

“you’re behaviour has made me really angry, it has. but you wanna know what makes me blow my top, see red and my blood boil, is the fact that i’m gonna miss you.. so much”

3. Marley and her dad outside the restaurant [father and daughter]

“i don’t know what to do kiddo, tell me what to do”
“dad, i don’t wanna have to tell you. and i shouldn’t have to tell you.”
“…do you remember that time, probably 20 yrs ago, and you look at me and said that you’re glad you brought me into this world, but i wish it was from a different father? do you remember that? and yet i said nothing, because i didn’t know what to say.. but it killed me inside. and now my little girl is very sick and i can’t fix it. So please tell me what to say coz i can’t have you hating me like this anymore. I love you so very much Marley. just tell me what to do?”
“you just did it. Thank You.”

4. Marley and Renee [friendship]

“I’m sorry, it really hurt me when you started distancing yourself, but it’s ok. i get it. a new baby coming and me leaving.. it’s not fair having to be so happy and so sad at the same time. Our friendship is one of the best things in my life and i’m sorry i’m not gonna get to know that little boy, but i know he’ll be beautiful, just like Cami… and please when she get’s older, tell her that i love her like she’s my own…”

5. Sarah and Marley

“sarah, i’m sorry. i’ve been so wrapped up in all these i havent stopped and ask  how this is affecting you all guys.., how are you doing? how are you doing?”
“not so good.”
“same. i didn’t know that”
“why didn’t you wish not to die, huh?
“..something else i wanted more”
“Well, I wish it. I wish it right now. God? Hey? God? You listening? You can’t take her away. Okay? I want her to stay here.”
“it’s not gonna work. you need an anal probe and a morphine shooter”
“Are you scared?”
“No… not anymore…”

THE ACTORS/characters:
kate Hudson playing a cancer patient isn’t .. convincing. for 1, she is too healthy and energetic sans make-up. but i guess, this is a directors’ and production team job.  she delivered her character really well though. Kathy Bates will always be fantastic. Gael Garcia Bernal. i’ve got to admit. i am extremely attracted to this guy, right now. he delivered a streotypical role quite well, although he spent half the entire of his role delivering jokes [which is YES, part of the whole bucket list as you may call it] but i would have appreciated him more if he wasn’t trying to make her laugh everytime he comes up on screen.  for a leading man, i guess, the character was bland and quite forgettable. Rosemarie DeWitt, Lucy Punch, Romany Malco all did remarkably well in their supporting roles as friends of Marley. 

would i recommend this. YES definitely.

in conclusion, ive seen better movies, movies that made me cry harder. but that’s not the point. you see it, like any other movies, because you like it and enjoy it. this isn’t terrible. far from it actually. i’ve read the critics, and i’ll say still go see it for yourself.


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