so… this is pretty late but WTH…

[6G: BIGBANG ph gathering is BIGBANG Philippines 6th official fan gathering]

Last August 20th, i decided to attend my 1st ever KPOP gathering. i usually don’t attend these kinds of stuff; i don’t even attend events and all, but since i felt the 6th gathering would be pretty special, i decided at the last minute to buy a ticket voucher. 😀

going to Taguig from Binangonan was an experience in itself. for one, i rode the wrong bus to BGC, and two, it was raining. hard. and i without an umbrella got soaked, wet, and went running under the rain.

anyways, while at the gathering i went to write some notes intending for blog posting, but as you probably have figured out by now, the intended blog post went more than a month late. but here it is…

this is the rundown of what happened. LOL.

and here is my low quality fancams. LOL. 

and more pictures

YAY! freebies!

i shouldve brought my crown lightstick…


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