[KPOP VLOG] The first fail attempt… sorta

so.. it looks like my first posts will all be 2ne1/kpop related..hehe.

anyway, on the 21st, 2ne1 released their 1st Japanese Mini Album. which is actually just the Japanese language version of their 2nd mini album. i decided to buy Version A which is the one with the DVD of the PVs (music videos)..

as we all know, companies are ALWAYS milking us fans dry by releasing several version of one album. THANK heavens i am in YGE fandom which seldom to none releases repackages and versions of the album in korea. i couldn’t say the same for the Japanese releases tho..

anyways.. so i pre-ordered the version A and i got it 3 days after the release! YAY. in my excitement,. i decided to attempt my first UNBOXING video / VLOG. LOL. and yes. i did quite fail. ..

here it is! 

cLick HERE for more pictures

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