[KPOP ALBUM REVIEW] no one can deny the power of 2ne1

PACKAGING: one of the things i like about YGE albums is that they are always exquisitely packaged in a way uniquely different from other releases. you know that aside from the music written especially and carefully for the artists, they also give thought on how to best present them in small packages.

it makes them standout, and isn’t it exciting to open up the package and be surprised?. albeit it’s a little bit more expensive than the others.

YGE is also known for somewhat having a theme to their album packages. bigbang’s earlier mini’s, bigshow dvd’s and live concert albums have at least 2 of their albums packaged in the same way. so i am not surprised that they kept the same plastic casing similar to their 1st mini with this 2nd mini album. As far as my album “library” is concerned, they are all stacking up nicely.

PHOTOBOOKS: or in this case photocards. i like it. it is unique, printed out nicely with a bit of sparkly glittery thingy in them. Mari Kim’s illustration is not everyone’s cup of tea but it is a breath of fresh air for a kpop album. one of the best things also is since they are photocards, you can even choose which card you want in the front; can either be your bias or simply just change the order however you want to. IT’s like the freedom of having different covers OF YOUR CHOICE IN A SINGLE PURCHASE. i think that’s practical and genius.

SONGS: i can never express how satisfied i am with the songs in this mini. not only these songs have made it into the album, all of them have been given the chance for the public who are not in necessarily in the fandom, to be heard. it is rare for songs in any album to be given the chance to be publicized aside from the title tracks and follow ups. they also did this in the first mini album but they’ve done it MUCH MUCH BIGGER for the 2nd mini.

all tracks are powerful. my favorite being UGLY and lonely. aside from the powerful music and lyrics, it showcased how much the 2ne1 girls have grown. they are a force to be reckoned with. YGE is notorious for putting up different genres into one album but still fits together, that’s why it appeals to a bigger audience than the average pop fan. they are exciting, fun, and very satisfactory! BEST works of 2ne1 and Teddy by far is in this album. VERY GOOD JOB. don’t miss this album.

did i tell you that i talk alot. yeah. haha. i decided to put some stuff in this blog.. for the first “official” entry, i decided to repost a small review of 2ne1’s 2nd Mini album that i posted in YESASIA . 😀


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