[Rant] #1 American Idol

original post on : http://imaginarysuperstarintraining.tumblr.com/

American Idol season 9 is so boring it makes me barf.

i wouldn’t call myself a hardcore AI fan, because honestly the only seasons i watched from start to finish are seasons 3, and 7.

incidentally, both have Filipinas in the top 12 but that’s beside the point.

anyways, even though i wasn’t up to following the other seasons i have got to admit that i did take a glance at them and was able to build up some sort of favorites from it during the earlier rounds. but season9 has been proving to be a difficult season to find someone to cheer on for. the first week of live performances in Hollywood, the girls bored me. i fell asleep right at the middle of it. and the boys have proven they are of the same if not much worse.

the only person who impressed me during the first week was Joe MuÑoz and unfortunately, he immediately got eliminated.

Aaron Kelly, by the looks of it will follow the same path as David Archuleta and gaining hormonal teenage fans along the way. tho i kind of was impressed by him when he sang the Climb at the auditions.

Jermain Sellers irks me. he’s coming of as cocky to me. and Michael Lynch is still basking on the drama that is his wife giving birth during Hollywood week. i wonder how long the sympathy will held onto him for the competition.

Tim Urban gave me headache during the first round although i got to hear him at the second week (while i was busily washing the dishes) that he did improved. which thank God coz he might shoot himself next if he wasn’t improving.

AI is marketing Casey James for Kara DioGuardi’s apparent crush on him. good thing he wasn’t THAt bad of a singer he might as well sell sex for him to still be in the competition.


i didn’t bother for American Idol this week tho except for news about who got eliminated. i honestly don’t have anyone to cheer for as of now. tho i was hoping for John pArk to be in the top 12 but it really is time for him to go home. and YAY! for Jermaine Sellers’ elimination!”


i also failed to mention that KARA DIOGUARDI irked me to no end when she was trying to be all PAULA ABDUL-ISH on the contestants during hollywood week. i can see Simon Cowell rolling his eyes evrytime.

ONE thing that i do like on this season is that the Judges are proving to be objective and spot unlike when PAula abdul was still a judge. At least this time, they were talking about tecahnicalities, the talents, and the appeal.. unlike Paula’s drunkard comments. I like Ellen tho, she’s there to represent the people who ONLY listens to music and not the hollabaloos behind it. let’s see if she can keep that up.

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