spur of emotion

a lot of people are complaining why snsd and suju didn’t won anything at the MAMA’s. Korean entertainent spells that If the artist decides not to attend the award show, then it forfeits their nominations and award. as simple as No Show=No award.

my take. SME continues to stir controversy for themselves by declaring boycotts here and there, especially if the award show is Mnet (MNET afterall is a Music channel/portal) their awards show matters.

my take, people whould realize it is unfair to say that the artists who won the awards only did because SM artists werent present, hence forfeiting the said award. SME are the one who decide they won’t be attending and will be boycotting. No one asked them to do it. It IS their Fault if they don’t win. as simple as that.

my take. SME should get over themselves and be professional. it might not matter to them but it does to the fans and they owe it to them.

my take. SM is afraid of losing, that is why they do things to prevent people from seeing that way before the award show even started. see it will be a slap in the face if they don’t win even when they are there. by boycotting, people will have to think of ways to justify why they didn’t win, making other artist and companies look bad while they are soliciting pity and understanding from the public.

SME needs to get over themselves and realize that Korean Music Industry doesn’t revolve around them, and it won’t stop just because they decided they won’t show themselves up. Thank heavens there are small company players, underrated artists who keeps the Music alive.

—– to be continued


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