State of Mind

I’ve been getting my thoughts and opinions out there for a few days now. I thought that since i haven’t updated in a while i’ll just repost some of them here.

This is in regards to’s 14th August, 5:34 PM post entitled “The Philippines loves KPOP”

the said article is already been removed but you can see a screen shot here:

In This article, i found  it unnecessary to post a Picture of a half naked Filipina holding the Philippine Flag in a Post that is supposed to be related to Philippines loving KPOP! and what happened was, it instigated an uproar and worse, racist remarks from people who don’t know a thing! of course Filipinos found it offending and being the Makabayan that we are, who’s blood came from that of Andres Bonifacio and Jose Rizal, we do not tolerate oppression.  a lot of Filipnos fought back, some of them carrying intelligent and funny comebacks. ingenious indeed, and i’m so proud of them. Unfortunately, the said article was removed before i got the chance to read it on allkpop’s site so i wasn’t able to give them a piece of my mind. ( I only found the news on )  but seeing that it had 195 comments is saying something. since i’m a frequent visitor of allkpop, i know that some articles takes days to get that many comments!

anyways, here is a piece of my mind regarding the matter. check out the article here:

“whoah! i had never read this on allkpop and i visit their site quite a lot! that’s rubbish! what in the hell is the correlation of kpop and a sexy photo of krista ranillo? wTH?!

honestly i shouldn’t be surprised. even my former korean students look at pinoys as low level beings. just because they have whiter skin and all that.

Does Filipino love covers? Yes, and we do it with justice, or even better that original. and i know that music in Phil right now are mostly remakes and covers. BUT i still think that Filipinos are better musicians, it’s just that the Music Business here in the Philippines isn’t well protected by the law and honestly musicians here aren’t given enough credit and royalty to make a living and at these trying times that Filipino Composers esp small industry players don’t think that it’s practical to invest in the Music industry. Francis Magalona once said that if Royalties are being implemented well here in the Philippines, he would not be a struggling dad. If the government can make use of the Music minds in the Philippines to the fullest and make it a priority i believe that one day, Filipino Music will create a name and spread OPM all over.

back to the point… i am furious over the racist netizens more that the article itself, actually… but of course these netizens wouldn’t post those comments if the article didn’t instigate it.

sorry for the rant.”

——————————- post 2 coming up!


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