Rihanna Vs. 2ne1

after much debate, i finally gave in… i finally listened to Rihanna’s Hatin’on the Club.

so you see, i am a huge fan of 2ne1, a newly formed korean girlgroup, who mostly sings hiphop and rnb.  so when they released their sophomore single entilted “I don’t care” people immediately started swarming the comment boards on how work-0011similar it is to Hatin on the club by rihanna and also a bit of Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston.

the very moment i listened to I don’t care, i immediately fell in love with it. it’s entirely different to what i am used to hearing from any other korean girl groups right now. it’s fresh and exciting and i even made a comment that it was mainstream US music material once they decide to record it in english. so  even though there are alot of comments made about the similarities, i never, even once made a comment about it. after all i love the music and seriously, I DON’T CARE. but you know one carihanna-picture-5n only take too much, especially now that the official music video of 2ne1 came out. for all intents, i only wanted to see the comments made on hatin on the club. and it seems like the 2ne1 fever have reached there…

so finally after listening to it, here’s what i have to say:

1.  both songs talks about relationship, being cheated on, neglected, and movin on

2. the reggae beat is OK similar. but i guess that is just generic. i mean people can’t claim being ridiculously 100% original. we live in the 21st century. there will be similarities at some point.!

3. the clapping.

4. hatin’s “oh, oh, oh” and i don’t care’s “eh, eh, eh”… small similarity, the way the rihanna sang this part is different as to how Bom did it. the tune and the pacing.

5. “yeah yeah yeah” background again is different from one another.

i am not accusing anyone of anything or making false assumptions. or side in favor of one another. i am switzerland.

i am never good at analogy and breaking down points. but i can say that i am not blinded by fanaticism. i will call it as how i see it, err… hear it in this case. sure there is similarities but which song doesnt? we cannot accuse every one of plagiarism or whatever people call it,  just because on a 5 second semi similar beat… oh well, or maybe i am wrong… but hell… as long as the music makes me happy then i am down with it.

hear it and be the judge:

Hatin on the Club by Rihanna:  credit goes to rihanna’s record label and youtube username: RihannaDiva for the video.

I don’t Care by 2ne1:  credit goes to YG Entertainment and youtube username, YGS21RoyalAceSubs for the video

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